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Why hemp yarn was and still is one of the best for people?


Humankind had used hemp since long ago. But during last few decades it was, despite of its great qualities , left out because of its „sister“ – cannabis sativa (also known as marihuana). Hemp yarn gives products characteristics that are not easy to emulace. It could be done thanks to modern technologies, but those processes are bad for the environment. Hemp is antibacterial, antiseptical, absorbs four times more water than pure cotton. Hemp yarn also absorbs 95% of UV rays and has a termoregulation of its own – hemp warms in winter and cools down in summer.

In 2013 our company started cooperation with the company Boty HANÁK. We created and then successfully made hemp yarn for trainers and later also for insoles.

One year later we were contacted by another Czech company Bohempia – a company which focuses on wide range of hemp yarn products. We made for them various types of yarns 100% hemp yarn on one hand and blended with cotton on the other.

These hemp yarns are really multi-functional. it is used as denim, for production of hats and backpacks, but we see its main use in shoemaking industry. Shoes made of hemp yarn seem to be a great hit known as „The Vegan Shoes“. They even have the rights to the PETA certificate, that ensures customers there is no animal product involved.


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